Beautiful Handcrafted Doors

Your front door is the first thing you see when you and your guests arrive. Your front door should reflect your personality and style. It should keep you safe from intruders and remind you of the accomplishments you have made in life.


Forest Stewardship

Longevity is a word that is rarely used these days but we feel it is important. It's in the quality and craftsmanship we put in our doors. It's how we think about our lives and the environment and it's why we use renewable Forest Stewardship practices.




Solid Wood

Our solid wood products are built one at a time by experienced craftsman using the finest woods available. We can provide you with White Oak, African Mahogany, Sapele, and Classic Black Walnut or any number of other species used  for entryways and interior doors, all hand crafted in Virginia, to your specifications.



American  Craftsmanship

We believe in hiring local people and training them to carry on the tradition of true American craftsmanship which is slowly becoming a lost art. We want jobs to stay in the United States to support our communities and our country. We are not trying to compete with substandard products from foreign countries used in most homes today. We feel American manufactured products are still important to the country.


Built to Last

Our plant is a few short miles from the site of the first landing of Christopher Newport and the Virginia Company colonists on April 26, 1607 before establishing themselves at Jamestown. Around us in Virginia is American History that still stands today from Colonial Craftsman. Some of the same doors our founding fathers walked through and took shelter behind. When you walk-in a house like Jefferson's Monticello you realize the importance he placed on building for future generations and the desire to build something beautiful.


We will work directly with you and your architect to create the stunning passage way into your home or building you’ve always dreamed of.


Contact us now to discuss what Tidewater Architectural Millwork could design and build to complete your space.

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